Thursday, November 27, 2008

No modesty here.

These Mateus babies have no qualms about showing their goods.  The first image we saw yesterday during the ultrasound was this:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few things.

1. Ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully we'll figure out what flavor we're having.

2. Day two of underwear at daycare = only one accident. We're going to do something to celebrate tonight.

3. I am on the verge of killing two cats. If you want to save them (aka take them from me), please let me know.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

So, so random...

Mainly because I can't manage a very long train of thought these days.

We've been working on potty-training boot camp (our version) this weekend. So far, only one accident. Aside from about three hours this afternoon (and overnights - not ready to tackle that yet), Reed's been in the house and in underwear all weekend.

This week is going to be rough - Reed's favorite (and our favorite, too) teacher at daycare is leaving. Carla isn't technically Reed's teacher anymore - she is the toddler room teacher. She was our saving grace when we first moved to Hutchinson. That's when Reed was transitioning from an in-home care to a daycare center. She seemed to understand immediately how hard this was going to be on all of us, and she gave Reed all the extra hugs and attention that he needed. Even now when Reed is having a rough day, he'll ask to go into Carla's room and she can magically make everything okay. We are going to miss her so much.

With the holidays approaching, I'm sad about not spending them with family. Yes, I'll be with Alex and Reed, but I'm starting to feel sad about not going to Kentucky for Christmas. There's only been one year since we've been married that we didn't make it (Alex had just started a new job and didn't have any time built up), and only once prior to that (the year my sister got married - a week before Christmas - and I didn't have enough vacation time to do both the wedding and Christmas). When we decided to go to Kentucky in November and skip Christmas, it seemed like a great idea - and I am still really glad we went when we did. That said, it's sad to think about the things that we will miss by not being there - even though it will be a ton easier on us to not have to make the drive with Reed, reschedule Santa's visit, and so on and so forth.

I have a few blogs that I read on a regular basis; one of which belongs to Emilie. She lives in the cities and is the mother of two adorable little boys. She is also battling soft-tissue sarcoma. This has been a rough week for her, and she's been on my mind quite a bit. Her story is full of sweet and sour, as she says, but she is also very hopeful and gives me great peace whenever I read her entries.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny things I never want to forget.

- The way that when you ask Reed a question, and he answers you in the affirmative, he says "s-ure" - not "shure" like you and I would say - he can't quite pronounce his "sh" sounds yet.

Fun stories from daycare -

The first story:
Reed recently had his first trip to the dentist. He went with Alex, and the hygienist cleaned Alex's teeth first, and then it was Reed's turn. He was not incredibly cooperative, but we got him exposed to the dentist anyway. Alex took him to daycare after the appointment was over, and the following transpired -
Dee: Reed, did you go to the dentist this morming?
Reed: no.
Dee: Are you sure? Where did you go?
Reed: I went to see chickens. Bawk, bawk, bawk. Chickens go bawk.
For the record, there are no farms or anything that resembles a farm between the dentist's office and daycare. We have no idea where that came from.

The second story:
Reed and a buddy were playing on the loft at daycare. Dee reported to us that he came down the stairs, cradling a baby doll, with a very serious look on his face. She said, "Reed, what is wrong?" He replied "she's sick." Dee asked what he thought they should do about it, and he said "she needs to go to the doctor." Dee said that he then put the doll in a toy car (like a Barbie car) and said "buckle up, sweetie" and "drove" her to the "hospital" where he and his buddy took out the toy doctor's kit, gave her a shot, listened to her heart, and returned her to daycare, good as new.

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